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    thanks for your nice comments:-)

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    +5 for ur amazing pix and the comments , it's really a good thing to talk about children and poverty and being a friend of nature and animals ,well everything is just kool about ur life, good continuation and good luck bro

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    i do completly like ur photos ; ur style and ur prfile , just amazing!!!!!!
    hope you are fine well you have such a nice profile , i saw all of ur pix they r all koool ;anyway i would like you to take a look at my website www.hamzachater.at.ma . your visite would be a honour for me ; and i also would like to get your opinion by leaving comment in " Guestbook" or under any photo you like
    Thank you so much i appreciate your time

  • My ummah, my ummah
    He will say
    Rasulullah on that day
    Even though we’ve strayed from him and his way

    My brothers, my sisters, in Islam
    Let’s struggle, work, and pray
    If we are to
    Bring back the glory of his way

    Ya Allah ya rabbal ‘alamin
    Ya rahmanu ya rahim
    Ya rabbi
    O Allah Lord of the Worlds
    O Merciful and Beneficent
    O my Lord

    Let the Ummah rise again
    Let us see daylight again
    Once again

    Let’s become whole again
    Proud again
    ’Cause I swear with firm belief in our hearts
    We can bring back the glory of our past

    My ummah, my ummah
    He will say
    Rasulullah on that day
    Even though we strayed from him and his way

    Look at where we were
    And look at where we are
    And tell me
    Is this how he’d want it to be?
    Oh no! Let us bring back our glory

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    Hi, how are u ? Me fine. So , for u +5. Bye Bye.